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Grow Your Business!! Increase Sales!! Make More Money!! Our policy Big Brands Use Radio Advertising Because It's Affordable & It Works!!!
1. Pick a track for your company advertising & download it to your computer.
2. Create your advertising message and make sure it's no longer than the track itself.(some tracks are 30 secs and some are 60 secs) ~just read it with the track playing.
3.Contact a radio station of choice and tell them that you are interested in advertising on their station and you "already" have your track but you want them to add your message to it (usually a station that has listeners that will buy what you are selling or promoting).
Remember...the reason you went ahead and got your own track is because many stations tend to create commercials that in many cases are boring and don't grab the attention of the listeners even with their own djs and voice talent.
Some stations won't charge to add your message since you'll be buying air time but some will still charge you no matter how much advertising time you buy.
Each station has their own rates for advertising and most are affordable and perfect for small businesses.Once you get their rates they will be happy to work with you and your budget.Once you buy airtime and they have added your message,it's time to let things play out and once your ads have stopped running you'll be able to tell if you made more money and gained more customers or not.Some companies do well with their message on their first ad campaign on the radio while some companies have to tweak their message and run another campaign or more to reach their goal.Once your customers began to grow and your sales increase you can always run more ads and start over with another track and repeat the process and continue to grow and profit your business. Good luck and much success with your business!!!

How To Download A Track For Your Business Commercial
You can listen and pick a song that you would like to use for your commercial below.Before you can download a song for your advertising commercial,you must
1.register first (top right corner of the music player below...(only takes a few seconds),
2.then click on the "License & Download" link of the song of choice and select the option that works best for you and your budget.
3.Also be sure to click on "Return To Merchant" once your payment transaction is finished.Then you'll be able to download your contract,receipt,and song file.It's very quick and easy!

Choose a music track and download it for your ad (you can register and quickly add it to your cart).Your message can be added at any radio station or (media production agency or studio) at the time you choose to buy advertising time for your local business.Each track has room for a short advertising message or you can download an instrumental track for longer advertising messages.Tracks can be looped if more time is needed at radio stations and the like.
Our audio tracks are meant to help your business have the edge in advertising commercials as opposed to boring ads that don't get anybody's attention.If you have any questions be sure to contact us.We are here to help.We sincerely want to help your business grow and get more sales.That is our goal. Thank You For Your Business!! Contact Us Anytime!

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All music licensing fees paid are final, and are not eligible for refunds.

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    Does radio advertising work?Yes it does in fact all the major brands advertise on the radio because they know they can target their audience by choosing the radio station that has the audience they want to target to grow profits and sales.